Press Release 12/16/15

With the stress of Holiday orders, Christmas expectations, and sometimes sheer panic over a gift arriving before Christmas, we thought some transparency of the team and operations at GDE Corporation is in order.

First, we’d like to thank all of our new customers, while apologizing at the same time. We’re a small outfit, and we’ve just had to grow at lightening speed. Some of you may not be getting the service and attention that you expect and deserve. We’re working to fix that, and want to ensure all current and potential customers that it won’t always be this way.

A Little Background

We’re a small start-up company with a current team of 7 employees (most are part time) founded in the lakeside town of Coeur d’Alene in north Idaho. Our product that has been 6 years in development and first went to market in April 2015. We are a new company and we’ve been growing slowly as a company throughout this year as we implement policies and lay the foundations for infrastructure and operations. We work long hours because all of us believe in our product, and what the future holds for the Uniburr™ and for GDE Corporation.

Here’s a 45 second peek inside the office.

We’ve had 2 founding employees spend the past year living on the road visiting retailer after retailer, trying to make a sale and get the Uniburr stocked in as many locations as possible. To us, the tool sells itself. But we found that many folks take a bit more convincing when it comes to how important the Uniburr really is.  We hoped to have at least a dozen stores in every state across the USA stocking the Uniburr by this time, but things don’t always work out like we hope. So we just carried on, wondering when the working world would realize how much they need this tool in their life.

Growing Really Big Really Fast

They say “crazy busy” is a good problem to have.

On December 4th of 2015 an early video of ours surfaced on a Facebook page that had a large following, and from that page it spread across social media, and arrived near an estimated 20 million views combined.  Since that time, folks across the globe have been walking into their hardware stores and calling their tool suppliers and demanding the Uniburr. For a week straight our phone would not stop ringing. Our small online shopping cart had to be immediately updated with a more robust platform in order to handle the massive influx of retail orders. Our website constantly went down from the heavy traffic, which added more upset phone calls to our busy lines. We pulled in friends and family members to pack boxes as fast as physically possible, while having to miss phone call after phone call because there wasn’t enough people to answer phones and keep orders moving out the door.

As we managed to answer phones we found people were calling in with accents from every country in the world wanting to bring the Uniburr to their country. The PO’s came in so fast, that the truth is, we just weren’t ready to handle the amount of volume. This meant delays all around. We depleted our stock of thousands of tools over a week, and at the same time we scrambled to ramp up tool production. Rest assured, we have enough tools currently in production to stock our vendors around the world, as well as fill all up and coming web orders.

We’ve made giant strides this past couple weeks in our operations, and as we bring on new team members we’ll be better able to serve our customers and meet the demand. We will be the first to admit our mistakes when an order went out missing a tool, or an email inquiry was missed. Just know that new systems that are in place will help us better track order packing, warranty submissions, and retailer requests. As we want your satisfaction to be guaranteed with the performance of the Uniburr, we want that same satisfaction with your service from GDE Corp.

So with a bit of Holiday Spirit, we gratefully ask for your continued patience with our small new company. We really are working very hard to maintain a high level of customer service, and hope that all of those customers who feel well-served would be willing to post a positive review of the Uniburr and the service they received.

Thank you and have a Merry Christmas

~ The Team at GDE Corp


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  1. DB Sexton says:

    Keep up the great work. Pray you guys all get a break here soon. Great product. Hope to get one soon. God bless

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