Introducing the Uniburr

UNIBURR: The Universal External Chamfer Tool Bit

It isn’t often that an entirely new tool surfaces on the market. We see improvements on existing tools spring up all the time, whether it is legitimate or a just another gimmick.

The first time we showed the Uniburr™ to small crowds at our local hardware store tent show in north Idaho, we found the most uttered phrase to be “Why wasn’t this made a hundred years ago?” That’s a great question, and the answer is even though it looks to be a simple design and idea, it took a lot more than you’d believe to make it work.


The Uniburr is a deburring tool bit that quickly repairs damaged bolts to thread nuts in place once more, saving you time and money. It simplifies the repair process, potentially fractionalizing repair time, as well as bypassing the need to replace expensive or hard to find hardware while keeping safety at a previously unattainable level.

It is powered by a hand drill, and can be used in the field on all grades of steel, making it the most convenient and time saving tool to emerge for quite some time. No more meticulous hand filing, metal lathes or dangerous grinders. If you deal in fasteners and you calculate the time spent repairing or replacing damaged bolts in a single year, you’ll find great value with the Uniburr.

Technicians at any tire center are known to jump start the lug nut on a customer vehicle using the impact drill, as opposed to hand threading the lug nut, in an effort to reduce customer wait time. If that nut doesn’t thread properly, the impact drill will cross thread the nut, smashing the threads and causing further delays. Some tire centers will replace the lug in house, while others will require the customer to drive their vehicle to an appointment with a auto mechanic to have the lug repaired. As tire centers start using the Uniburr to quickly repair the damaged lug, they could potentially save themselves tens of thousands of dollars per store in a single year through bypassing the lug replacement process, or paying an auto mechanic and possibly losing a repeat customer.

While bolt repair is definitely a strong point of the Uniburr, we’re often finding new ways this tool can be put to use. Recently a company in Pennsylvania that builds display racks deburred a total of 13,000 half inch mild steel round stock using only 2 Uniburr Plus tools. This far exceeded our expectation that the job would have required 30 Uniburr Plus tools to complete.

Other industries that are putting the Uniburr to work:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Concrete
  • HVAC
  • Manufacturing
  • Fabrication
  • Carpentry
  • And More!

We’ve begun stocking the Uniburr in retailers such as Napa Auto Parts, Ace Hardware, Consolidated Supply and Edge Construction across the Northwest. We are continuing to spread as we take on new distributors and retailers both in the US and internationally.

Uniburr Retailer Product Wall Display

Over five years have gone into the development of this amazing tool. Countless processes, prototypes, in-depth studies by metallurgists, and many failed attempts have finally produced a tool that can effectively cut most every grade of metal without over heating the tool or workpiece.

We’re very proud of what has been accomplished through hard work, and a demand for a superior quality product. This is a product we can proudly stamp “USA MADE”. Even now we’re testing out new methods to improve the life of the cutting edge, and the overall performance of this tool. We expect rapid changes and great things to happen through this next year as we work toward a better Uniburr.

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PDF Instructional Brochure

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Informational Videos on the Uniburr

Proper Uniburr Tool Usage

Product Demonstration at the BarZ Summer Bash in Los Angeles California.